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She is very attentive to her students, especially me who is not flexible enough to do some of the difficult yoga poses.  I think she is awesome. 

Emmy Lejarde

I have been taking yoga on & off with Marianne for a few years now. She is very in tune with her students & will tailor classes according to their wishes (easy, difficult, kickbutt!). She really cares about her students & will take into account any special health concerns they have when practicing moves. I always come away from her class feeling loose, lean, and energized. But the greatest benefit is the restoration of mind & spirit that comes with every session.

Terry Mach

Marianne is a gifted and inspiring fitness and yoga teacher. She is constantly learning new techniques and skills and brings them to her students. She makes sure everyone is safe and smiling!

Melissa Stankus

​Marianne is such a motivating instructor. There is never a dull moment in her class because it's difficult, but she also brings a comfortable feeling. The whole class is engaged while Marianne is teaching and can always bring a smile to everyones face. She keeps you motived to really push yourself in class. Marianne always has the best selection of music and this is an important part of class to me. I always look forward to go to class!​

Client Testimonials


I have been taking a sculpt class with Marianne for about three years. I am one of the older gals in the class, and I appreciate the effort she makes to make sure my form is perfect to avoid injury. Marianne is a seasoned professional who is always taking classes herself to try and bring more variety and innovation to our class. She is keen to make modifications to meet the needs the her students, and has a caring demeanor in her delivery. She is a joy to be around and as a result, keeps everyone committed to their exercise goals. I would highly recommend her.

Susan Grieg

​Marianne is absolutely AMAZING! I've worked with Marianne for over 10 years now and she's truly a talented instructor who cares, believes, and inspires people. Marianne, your passion, extensive background and qualifications motivates me to do better at my job and evolve as a professional. Thank you for all you do!

Kelly Bottone

Marianne is an outstanding fitness instructor.  I have been taking her Cardio Kickboxing and Bootcamp classes for a little over 10 ears.  She continues to keep the moves fresh/ current and offers options for all fitness levels.  Time flies because she has this special talent of combining fun with her bubbly personality while challenging you to work at your highest potential.  She is motivating, inspirational and she truly cares about each one of her students.

Christy Mihelich

She is the best Yoga instructor I have ever had. 

Biljana Radic-Poljasevic

Marianne Storath